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Find Effective Weight Loss in Essex County, NJ

Congratulations on taking that first step to becoming a healthier you! Dr. Donna Pontoriero, D.C. has been in the same weight loss position with her own journey to getting healthier. She spent most of her life overweight and feeling overwhelmed by the effort of changing it. Even with her training in health and nutrition, she struggled and tried various methods, including low and high fat, low and high carb, counting points, and prepackaged meals. Due to the horrible taste, inconvenience, and illness from chemicals and artificial ingredients, she doesn’t recommend any of it. Nutley Weight Loss helps to increase the chances of effective weight loss for Essex, Passaic, and Bergen County, NJ patients without the misery of fad diets and meal replacements.

Helpful Methods at Nutley Weight Loss

Nutley Weight Loss provides stable, consistent methods to aid you in your weight loss instead of flavor-of-the-week diets and commercial gimmicks. With doctor supervised weight loss and LipoMelt, you could lose more weight and keep it off.

senior couple running on treadmill in gym
Doctor supervised Weight Loss

With doctor supervised weight loss, our biggest concern is helping you with safe and successful weight loss. There aren’t any shakes, bars, or meal replacements. Instead, you’ll eat real food from the grocery store with meals planned with our formula for nutritional support. This program is designed to assist you in losing weight and managing it, and it aids your body with a variety of healthy functions, including:

  • Hunger and craving suppression
  • Accelerated fatty acid metabolism
  • Blood sugar stabilization
  • Mild detoxification of the body
lipo melt

LipoMelt is a non-invasive slimming technology that’s been a powerful and revolutionary way of getting immediate results. It uses a unique wavelength of LED light to stimulate your fat cells into releasing a portion of their contents. Your body easily eliminates or metabolizes it, leading to slimmer hips, thighs, waist, and upper arms with better shape and tone. It’s safe and painless, and there’s no downtime.

Get in Touch with Dr. Donna Pontoriero, D.C.

If you’re ready to slim down and become healthier, Nutley Weight Loss offers methods that may help you lose the unwanted pounds and maintain your new figure. Call today to schedule an appointment and get started!

Find Out What Dr. Donna Pontoriero, D.C. Recommends for Your Best Weight Loss!