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Slimming Down NJ Residents with Doctor Supervised Weight Loss

At Nutley Weight Loss, Dr. Donna Pontoriero, D.C. wants you to see real success with losing the extra pounds. It’s not just a matter of slimming down, but also keeping it off. For residents in Essex, Passaic, and Bergen County, NJ, doctor supervised weight loss could be the ideal program for you to achieve and sustain your desired weight and health. In addition to the weight loss, this program is also designed to suppress hunger and cravings, help with accelerated fatty acid metabolism, help stabilize your blood sugar, and mild detoxification for the body. It uses a specific combination of anti-inflammatory and low-glycemic foods, and it’s built around four principles of weight loss: behavioral modification, dietary modification, nutritional supplementation, and appropriate exercise.


Lose Weight with Real Food

Instead of fad diets and meal bars, you can slim down with long-term results using our doctor supervised weight loss. Starving yourself on meager, tasteless supplements is a miserable experience—especially when you do it alone. In our program, you’ll eat real food and have the regular guidance of a trained professional. Some noteworthy factors of the program include:

  • The program is doctor-supervised, including weekly meetings with the doctor and access to our online patient tracking system that the doctor monitors daily.
  • Every participant is pre-screened for poor diagnostic indicators, contraindications, and complicating factors.
  • This is not a “protein only” program. Your diet includes complex carbohydrates to help the different processes of your body.
  • This program is not “low-carb.” Participants typically consume around 200 grams of healthy complex carbohydrates each day, which is twice the amount of a “low-carb” program. It also exceeds the minimum requirement of 130 grams that Type 1 diabetics need.
  • There’s a “re-feeding component” to this program, where you will convert back to a normal healthy diet.
  • Detailed instructions, strategies, tools, and guidelines are provided to all participants to help improve the odds of long-term weight loss success.

Trim Down with Nutley Weight Loss

Dr. Donna Pontoriero, DC is ready to help you work toward long-term weight loss results. If you have any questions, or you would like to schedule an appointment, call today!

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